Houses designed for dogs available to buy

Local 2's Owen Conflenti, his dog take tour of homes from Houston-based online retailer

By Owen Conflenti - Anchor

HOUSTON - A fire truck, a helicopter and a two-story modern wonder -- believe it or not, these are all designs of houses for your dog.

Local 2's Owen Conflenti and his dog, Deano, took a tour of the homes, which are available to buy.

"Very simple, clean design," said Hector Garcia, founder of Modular Dog, a Houston-based online retailer. "Instead of throwing a dog pillow in the corner of your house for your dog to lay on, I wanted something cool and clean that would look good in the house."

Modular Dog is a creator of original custom dog bed and house designs. The minimalistic models are inspired by modern architecture and loft design. They release a group of color options each season and can also build to order.

"So after checking them all out, I think it's pretty obvious Deano picked his favorite. It's the flat," said Conflenti.

The Modular Dog houses start at $175. So who would shell out that type of money for such swag dog houses?

"I don't have kids. This is my love of my life, right? Everything is worth it," said Cameron Cazoc.

Or perhaps you'll prefer ultracreative, one-of-a kind houses for sale as part of an annual fundraiser.

"Barkitecture is a yearly event and we hold it to benefit Pup Squad Animal Rescue," said Carly Hiller.

Hiller has been in charge of Barkitecture for five years.

"We reach out to architectural firms, home builders, anyone really who wants to get involved," she said.

For the right price, the houses can be part of your home.

One house is made up of moving tennis balls.

Being in the dog house isn't such a bad thing if it's a fire truck with working lights or a helicopter with a spinning propeller.

Or if your pooch is dog tired, he or she can nap in a house complete with a rain gutter to catch water.

Prices start at $250 for the Barkitecture dog houses.

If you're interested in these dog houses, contact Barkitecture at or go to

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