Hotels prepare for celebrities at NBA All-Star weekend

Alden Hotel offers 'Rebound and Recovery Center' for hangover relief

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - In anticipation of the big NBA All-Star weekend, Houston's hottest hotels are preparing to host celebrities from around the world.

The Hotel Derek says all of its 312 rooms are reserved for the weekend.

"We have been sold out for months," said Stephanie Summerall, the hotel's director of sales and marketing.

Local 2's cameras went inside the luxury hotel's presidential suite, which can be yours for a hefty $2,200 a night.

At more than 1800 square feet, it's the perfect place to pop some bubbly and enjoy the view.

One can only guess who will count sheep in the suite.

"We are going to have some pretty famous people arriving this weekend for the game," said Summerall. "Obviously can't say who exactly, but they're going to be a tall group and we're excited to have them here."

Meanwhile, NBA executives are expected to check in at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

"It's going to be a fun, fun time in Houston," said Stan Skadal, the Hyatt Regency's senior director of sales.

The hotel says staff has been preparing to accommodate guests since they found out Houston would host the NBA All-Star game 2013.

Guests will enjoy private parties and retire in spacious suites that can run as high as $1,500 a night.

According to Skadal, the hotel's executive suite is "one of our more luxurious suites and there will be a very high ranking individual there."

The historic Alden Hotel is located just steps away from the Toyota Center.

"We're expecting it to be pretty wild," said Nick Massad, the general manager at the Alden.

Corner suites there run about $600 a night. The boutique hotel was a favorite among celebrities during the last All Star game in Houston in 2006.

"You're star struck about once every 10 or 20 minutes. Everything from sports celebrities to corporate celebrities, music performers," said Massad.

The staff offers 24/7 high level service, including a "Rebound and Recovery Center" for hangover relief.

So what's the weirdest request to come from a celebrity client?

When celebrities are under your roof, odd requests should be expected.

"We had a guest who wanted to find a mate for his pet bird, and it was a very rare pet, a very special prized bird and we had to attempt to find him a mate," said Massad.

"So no request is turned down at the Alden?" said Local 2's Rachel McNeill.

Massad laughed.

"No. We never say, ‘No,'" he said.

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