Hospital helps deliver Mother's Day miracles

Texas Adult Congenital Heart Program at Texas Children's Hospital helping women

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HOUSTON - Most little girls dream of becoming a mother and it can be heartbreaking when that dream is put into question.

The Texas Adult Congenital Heart Program at Texas Children's Hospital is helping women have their own Mother's Day miracles.

"Every day is Mother's Day," said Heather Lepow.

Lepow will celebrate this Mother's Day with the little girl she wasn't sure she would do ever be able to have.

Before trying to get pregnant with her first child, Lepow went in for a routine check-up with no symptoms but what she found out would be life changing.

"My heart was working four times harder than it should," said Lepow. "I found out immediately I had three congenital heart problems that I had no idea I had."

Her dreams of motherhood would be put on hold until after open heart surgery.

"I wanted a baby so bad. When they told me I had a heart problem, my fear was, 'Oh my gosh, I am never going to be able to have a baby,'" said Lepow.

"If she wasn't repaired, I would not have recommended she get pregnant because there are a lot of changes that happen during pregnancy, especially during labor," said Dr. Wayne Franklin, director of the Texas Adult Congenital Heart Program at Texas Children's Hospital.

Under Franklin's care and less than a year after having heart surgery, Lepow was able to get pregnant with Samantha.

"I think to get a healthy baby born and a healthy mom is wonderful, and that is one of the things we can do now that we have all the pieces put together," said Dr. Franklin.

Five years later, Lewpow is still wearing the "momma necklace" her husband and daughter gave her on her very first Mother's Day, as she watches the daughter she wasn't sure she could have grow up healthy.

"She is very active, plays soccer, ballet and does all the fun things a 5-year-old does, and she loves her mommy, that is for sure," the proud mom said laughing.

Lepow said she follows us with Dr. Franklin about every 2 years and is hoping for more children. Her little girl is healthy with no heart issues of her own and is looking forward to starting kindergarten in the fall.

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