Horses rescued from floodwaters

HOUSTON - After a dramatic rescue on Thursday, some horses still needed rescuing from floodwaters on Friday.

The horses got trapped at Siemens Ranch in the 17100 block of Cypress Rosehill Road in northwest Harris County shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday.

Nearly 100 horses were trapped. Owners waded through up to 5 feet of water to guide their animals to dry ground.

However, about a dozen horse owners had to wait until Friday morning to get their animals because of high water.

"They're surprisingly calm for the most part," horse owner Sierra Roney said. "Better than I would have expected them to be."

Rhonda Siemens owns the horse farm.

"Two good friends of mine actually almost got swept down the creek, got in the current and ended up in the creek. So it got to where it was endangering human lives, so we had to stop," she said.

Heig Williams spent the night in his car outside Siemens Ranch. He was waiting for daylight to rescue almost a dozen horses stuck in high waters along Little Cypress Creek.

Many of the rescued horses are being housed at the Sam Houston Race Park on the North Sam Houston Parkway.

"We're just grateful that they are all safe and sound and there are no injuries," horse owner Jeri Hooker said.

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