Horse gets prosthetic leg

Galveston family thankful quarter horse spared

DICKINSON - A Galveston County family gets to spend more time with a beloved horse, and it's all thanks to a forward-thinking veterinarian.

The horse had a badly hurt leg, but the vet had an idea to help keep the animal's life as normal as possible.

Indio suffered a deep laceration above the hoof during an accident in his stall.

The family who owns him was devastated ,but they're now relieved doctors were able to save him.

Stephanie and Pedro Gutierrez, of Hitchcock, are owners of the 16-year-old quarter horse.

They've had him for two years, but say he's like family.

Currently, Indio is under the care of Dr. Dennis Jenkins, and is
staying at the Equine Recovery Center in Dickinson after he suffered a bad accident in the Gutierrez's barn.

"He inadvertently kicked his back leg through a tin part of a barn," Jenkins said.

The cut was so bad, Indio could have been put down, but the Gutierrez's say that wasn't an option for them.

So Jenkins called Dr. Ric Redden, a world renowned veterinarian from Kentucky to put a prosthetic leg on Indio.

Family and friends video taped the successful procedure.

Now the Gutierrez's are hopeful.

"We're very happy and very blessed," said Stephanie.

Even though Indio might not be ridden again, he will be able to live a comfortable life and continue to breed.

Doctors say it could take a year before Indio is fully recovered and able to return home.

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