Homicide detective testifies in trial of woman accused of killing boy

The woman's attorney has tried to cast doubt on the boy's stepfather but from the beginning detectives have said she is the only suspect in the case

HOUSTON - Testimony entered its second week in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and killing a 12-year-old Houston boy.

Prosecutors say Mona Nelson took the little boy, killed him and then burned his body.

Homicide detectives spent the bulk of the day going over evidence they believe links Mona Nelson to the murder of Jonathan Foster. Detectives also testified they found several inconsistencies in Nelson's alibi.

Houston police Sgt. Roger Chappell was the first to take the stand. He explained how carpet and twine found in Jonathan Foster's burned body matched samples taken from Mona Nelson's home.

Foster disappeared on Christmas Eve of 2010, four days later his body was found a few miles from his home. Prosecutors say a sweatshirt found in a trash can by Nelson's house had both her and the boy's blood on it. Prosecutors still say they have no motive for this crime.

Homicide detective Mike Miller also took the stand, going over what he said are discrepancies in Nelson's statement to investigators.

Miller testified the former boxer gave investigators several names of people she was with when Foster disappeared. Yet Miller said when he spoke to those people Nelson's timeline didn't add up.

Nelson's attorney, Allen Tanner, has tried to cast doubt on Foster's stepfather. But from the beginning detectives have said Nelson is the only suspect in this case.

Nelson has maintained her innocence throughout the trial. She decided on a bench trial, letting a judge decide her fate instead of a jury.

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