Homeowners sue after homes damaged

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Several Montgomery County homeowners are suing a developer in The Woodlands because their homes are being damaged.

Dennis Colvin lives in a nearly half-million dollar home in Cochran's Crossing Village. He said he has noticed his home shifting over the past 13 years, so he hired a geologist who determined the home in on a fault line.

"They've told me my house is not repairable," Colvin said. "My foundation is pulling apart. You can raise the foundation, but you can't push it back together."

Colvin isn't the only one with problems. He and six of his neighbors are filling lawsuits against the community developer, The Woodlands Development Company.

The developer said they've conducted studies in the area that "found that there was 'no evidence of active faulting' and that there are 'no known active surface faults' in the relevant area."

Colvin said his home is now worth about $30,000 because of the fault line. He said he wants the developer to reimburse him for all the damage.

"This was my retirement home," Colvin said. "I spent a lot of money. I love The Woodlands. It's a beautiful community, but you don't just build houses on faults."

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