Homeowner, neighbor fight crime after Montrose-area home burglarized

Homeowner trying to track down burglar

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Motion detected surveillance cameras started to record when they sensed someone hop over the back fence to a home on Sul Ross in the Montrose area.

A man was seen walking around the backyard, going into the garage and coming out with a circular saw.

The homeowner told Local 2 the man used it to try to break a window. When that didn't work he used hedge clippers to pry the window open instead.

"He walked around my backyard like he owned it," said Elisa, the homeowner. "There was no rush, it was like he owned the place."

According to the clock on the surveillance video, the man was on her property for 25 minutes. Inside the house one of the bedrooms was ransacked and high-end jewelry was stolen.

"Probably over $30,000 was taken. Multiple bracelets, gold and silver," said Elisa.

Elisa said several watches were taken as well, in addition to a laptop and an expensive camera lens.

She showed Local 2 the surveillance video that shows the man leaving her property with a backpack. She said it was full of her things.

On the video the man can be seen throwing the backpack over the fence. He then hopped over and walked down the street.

"I think that it's (crime that) is happening a lot," Elisa said. "I want to feel safe, I want to feel safe in my own home and I want to feel safe walking on my streets."

Elisa is hoping the man is caught and also wants her neighbors to know this happened, so they can be on the lookout and protect themselves. She's planning to print posters with the man's picture on them and put them up around her neighborhood.

"The police have a copy of the video and I'm hoping they also have finger prints," said Elisa.

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