Homeowner fights back, shoots at burglary suspects

Mark Salinas, Fernando Facundo charged with burglary of habitation

HOUSTON - A homeowner in north Harris County sent two burglars running when he grabbed his gun and fired shots in their direction, investigators said.

Houston said the men rang a door bell several times at a home in the 10100 block of Valencia Drive on Oct. 10. The homeowner ignored the strangers but watched them on his surveillance cameras.

Investigators said the homeowner saw the men creep into his back yard, then towards a window, where he heard noises.

When the homeowner saw the curtains move and a man's silhouette, he opened fire, police said.

The two men did not get far, police said. Investigators said they tracked Mark Salinas to East Houston Region Medical Center, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the arm.

According to court documents, Salinas confessed to the break-in, and gave up his accomplice, Fernando Facundo.

Salinas and Facundo have both been charged with burglary of a habitation.

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