Homeowner catches teen burglary suspects

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - A homeowner caught three teenagers who broke into his home and held them until police could arrive.

Randy Magdaleno had just parked his car in his driveway off of Bent Bough Lane on Wednesday morning when he noticed his home's back door was slightly open and the glass was shattered.

"I would not come in the house empty-handed. If I didn't have that rifle hidden where I could get to it, I would not have come in here."

He immediately grabbed his pistol that was sitting nearby and searched his home.

"I could hear people running around upstairs," Magdaleno said.

That's when he made his move.

"I sneaked up on them and told them to lay on the ground on their stomachs," he said.

Magdaleno dialed 911 and kept his gun pointed at the three 14-year-old boys until Houston police showed up to put handcuffs on the teens.

"When I asked them what they were doing in my house, they said my back door was open and that their dog ran in here and they were coming in after their dog," Magdaleno said.

No dog was found when police showed up. Investigators said the teens were after electronics in the home. The man's laptop was found inside a backpack belonging to one of the teenagers.

They will likely be charged with burglary, police said.

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