Home invasion victim chases fake cops

HOUSTON - Two men dressed as police officers tried to rob a family in a southwest Houston apartment early Wednesday, investigators said.

Houston police said the home invasion happened in the 7200 block of Corporate Drive about 2:45 a.m.

Abraham Proo said most of his family was asleep when the men, who were wearing blue uniforms, barged in. Proo said the men told him they were there to confiscate money and drugs.

Proo said he didn't have any money or drugs, but he did have four children asleep in a back bedroom. The noise awakened his sister and brother-in-law, who were asleep in another room.

"I called out to my brother-in-law," Proo said. "He ended up walking up in the back room and he walked out with my sister. I guess they got kind of spooked when I told them, 'Call the cops.' By that time, he walked out and that's when I reached for my pistol and chased them out."

The robbers got a head start, but Proo got in his car and went looking for them. He spotted their car about a quarter-mile away from the apartment complex.

"I looked up and they were actually pulling out from the parking lot across the street," Proo said.

Proo picked up his cellphone and called police. Real officers caught up with the fake ones at a convenience store on the Southwest Freeway near Gessner and arrested them.

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