HISD teacher accused of writing on student's forehead as punishment

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A teacher at Houston ISD's Thurgood Marshall Elementary school is accused of using a marker to write reminder notes on his students who forget their school materials.

Victor Jimenez said his 8-year-old son came home with what appeared to be the letter "B" in the middle of his forehead. 

Jimenez claimed the teacher wrote it because the second grader did not finish his homework.

"For me, he does not have any professionalism or ethics at all," said Jimenez. "I do not understand how he can continue being a teacher."

Jimenez said this was not an isolated incident and claims he was told by the school that several other students have had the same problems with the same teacher.

"They have also been marked on their arms. He has a list of the kids involved," Jiminez said.

The school district is not denying the claims.

In a written statement, an HISD spokesperson told Local 2, "Administrators launched an investigation and met with the teacher, who confirmed the report. The situation is being handled as a personnel matter, and the teacher has been directed to cease the practice."

Stunned parents disagree with the teacher's actions.

"Teach them a little better," said Ebony Terry.

"There's a different way you can teach them," said Shaunda Hurd. "I hope my child doesn't come home with marker on her forehead."

Jimenez said he wants to see his 8-year-old son succeed in school and is encouraging him to move on from what happened so he can focus on his studies.

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