HISD pushes healthier options for students

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - With a third of Houston-area students considered overweight or obese, many school districts are doing what they can to combat the issue by providing healthier options for kids.

HISD is one of the largest school districts in the nation, catering to more than 200,000 kids, many considered to be at risk of obesity, Type II diabetes and other conditions as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle.

But district officials want parents and kids to know they're serving up healthy options.

HISD Senior Administrator of Food Services Brian Giles told Local 2, "This year, we're focusing really on offering more fresh fruits and vegetables, more locally grown fruits and vegetables."

Eight more salad bars are popping up in schools this year and many kids can now enjoy new "made to order" deli and Tex Mex concepts.

It started as a pilot program with eight high schools last year and quickly gained popularity.

Giles added, "By the end of the school year, every high school and also every middle school will have more made to order concepts in their school."

Inside the cafeterias this year, kids will also notice more whole grains, fat free and skim milk and fewer desserts.

Giles explained, "We want students to be able to recognize what healthy choices are and be excited about eating them."

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