HISD expects charges against driver of private school bus Friday

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A spokesman for the Houston Independent School District said a charge could be filed against the driver of a privately-owned school bus who HISD police said ignored their orders to move a bus.

Bus driver Ana Arratia said she was picking up students, in her private school bus, paid for by parents, in front of Burbank Middle School, Wednesday.

She said an HISD police officer told her to move because she was blocking the lane. But she said she was not blocking anything. Arratia said, through her son's translation, "Give me a minute. The kids are almost out, they're on the way to the bus. So he didn't like that idea and he proceeded to write a ticket. She ripped up the ticket after he gave it to her."

She said her glasses and earrings came off when she said she was pulled from the bus, shoved to the ground and pulled into the school.

She said she has a sprained arm, bruises and scrapes.

An HISD spokesman released a statement. It said, "On Wednesday, Sept. 19, HISD police allege that a private bus operator refused to obey an officer's request to move a vehicle out of a lane blocking other vehicles from exiting the Burbank Middle School driveway. The driver then physically resisted the officer as the officer attempted to take her into custody. A charge of assaulting a peace officer is expected to be filed against the bus operator on Friday."

HISD confirmed Arratia was removed from the school bus because, the officer said, she refused his orders to move the bus.

Both sides say witnesses back up their version of what happened.

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