High-intensity interval training goes high-tech

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

ATLANTA (NBC) - High-intensity interval training is shaping up to become one of the top fitness trends of 2014.

Now a new kind of gym is combining the workout with modern technology, so users and their trainers can keep track of their hard work. Orange Theory Fitness combines cardio, power and strength into a single, one-hour session.

"Science has proven that the body will release more stored body fat over the course of the day through interval training," Orange Theory trainer Richard Shaw said.

Everyone at Orange Theory wears a heart monitor. Heart rates are displayed for all to see on large TV screens. For a third of the workout, they're encouraged to get in the orangeā€”a zone in which your heart is beating at 85 percent of its max.

"We think at that level you're getting the most effective fat burning, along with the most benefit to the cardiopulmonary system without causing harm," said Dr. Karol Watson, co-director of preventive cardiology at UCLA.

At Orange Theory, members can track their body's response to the intense workout, and even compete with the person next to them.

Sound interesting?

There's an Orange Theory off San Felipe near Voss Road. Memberships run between $69-$169.

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