Heroic officer saves unconscious infant by performing CPR

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

MONTGOMERY, Texas - Ja'Deshawn Hubbard arrived early in this world, and already has quite a story to share.

Due on Saturday, the Montgomery baby was born nearly three months early, weighing 2 pounds and 13 ounces. He remained in the hospital for two months before being discharged in mid-January.

On Wednesday, Ja'Deshawn was finally able to rest in his mother's arms at Texas Children's Hospital. But if not for the actions of a heroic, rookie police officer, that might not be the case.

A rescue was needed one day in January in Montgomery after the baby lost consciousness.

"I noticed something was wrong," said the baby's mother, Swanda Hubbard. "So I hurried up and got him out of the car seat and I could tell he wasn't breathing."

Ja'Deshawn had developed an infection. His mother -- a nurse certified in CPR -- tried to save him, but was too distraught to perform the procedure correctly. Emergency crews were called and help was sent.

"My mama was on the phone with paramedics and the officer, she arrived first," said Hubbard. "And she (the officer) performed CPR."

That officer was Charity Snell, honored this week for saving Ja'Deshawn's life. She was praised for her heroism and calm actions that night.

"I didn't even realize that the sheriff's department, their deputies, had arrived on scene," said Officer Snell. "I was so focused on administering CPR to this child."

"He wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her support and prayer and you know, her not giving up" said Hubbard.

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