Help for woman with 'crazy ant' infestation

HOUSTON - Crazy ants also known as "Rasberry Crazy Ants" had 75-year-old and lung cancer survivor Evelyn Burrell frustrated.

Burrell didn't let cancer bring her down, and she's certainly not letting these little ants. So she called Local 2 for help.

"They were all over my house in the bathroom, in the living, in the bedroom, outside, in the yard, and I'm hoping this will take care of the problem," said Burrell.

She was using a vacuum, pesticide and all kinds of stuff to try and solve the problem.

"Back in 2002, I discovered these ants," said Tom Rasberry, owner of Budget Pest Control and Rasberry Crazy Ant expert.

Now Burrell's hoping Rasberry will be the end all be all of her ant problem.

"You really have to understand the biology of this particular ant and there are only a few products that work," said Rasberry.

These are not like fire ants or those black ants you've seen before; they're just crazy and multiply fast.

Rasberry said that not all exterminators know how to take care of them.

He has some advice for those who have pests like Evelyn.

"I would ask a pest control company do you have a microscope, do you have someone who can key out an ant or any insect to determine the species because the key to controlling any insect is getting a proper identification," said Rasberry.

For Burrell, she couldn't be happier to put a stop to her pest problem.

"Thank you guys so much especially a big thank you to Mr. Rasberry," said Burrell.

For a positive ID, Rasberry says you can send samples of ants to him or to entomologists at Texas A&M University or Sam Houston State University.

Rasberry says Burrell will see a 98 percent ant reduction for the next 30 days; and, she'll need to do a couple of minor treatments to keep them from coming back in full force.

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