'Hell's Kitchen' star frustrating some Spring neighbors

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

SPRING, Texas - Some neighbors in an HOA-controlled subdivision are unhappy that a food truck owner has parked his large, colorful, broken truck on their street for weeks.

The truck belongs to Chef Michael Gabriel, the recent star of "Hell's Kitchen's" reality TV cooking show. Gabriel made it midway through the last season of the show.

"I personally would not like to walk outside this and see this food truck in front of my home," neighbor Sonya Hicks told Local 2.

Gabriel said the truck has issues with its wheels and he wants to get it fixed. He said he has no other place to store the truck except on the street. He said he knows it is against the HOA rules and confirmed he has received a letter about the issue from his HOA.

Several people in the neighborhood expressed concern about the truck. HOA rules suggest such a truck is not allowed to be parked in the neighborhood. Some neighbors said they are frustrated the HOA hasn't handled the issue.

We followed the policy and procedures of the governing rules," said First Service Residential spokeswoman Kris Bradshaw.

She said privacy concerns prevent her from discussing the case further.

Gabriel is reportedly well-liked on his street, and some neighbors said the truck didn't bother them.

"He's a nice guy and it doesn't bother me," neighbor Nahomi Rastelli said. "I know he is trying to make a living."

Gabriel said he wished his neighbors would come to him so he could explain that he has plans to get the truck fixed. He admitted it has been sitting in front of his house in the Cypresswood Lakes subdivision for weeks. He said he has a mechanic scheduled to look at the vehicle Tuesday. Late Monday he told Local 2 the food truck would be moved then.

"With the deeds and the restrictions we have in this subdivision, there should not be a big truck parked in front of anybody's house," Bessie Singletary said. "I heard about this. One of the other neighbors was telling me about this truck. This truck should not be parked there."

Gabriel said he is not trying to be a bad neighbor. He said he wants to get the needed repairs and open his food truck for business again soon.

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