Heat causes car troubles

HOUSTON - Along with feeling the scorching temperatures this summer, Houstonians are feeling the heat in their pocket books.

Cars can become a big pain and a big expense during the hot weather, something Tony Zapoli's, owner of Advanced Auto Tech knows all to well.

Zapoli said his business has been packed with cars and trucks needing service.

"Underinflated tires, heat up more. With this pavement, it's a chance of a blowout," said Zapoli.

Scorching temperatures can affect a car's performance in many ways.

"A lot of battery replacements, A/C compressors are going out," he said.

While the owners of the vehicles are paying to get their air-conditioning systems fixed or replaced, there are many people who are forced to endure the weather, the like the people who have to work in it.

A local construction worker said he takes a break and drinks water every few minutes just to be safe.

"When it's up in the hundreds you have to take a little break," said Elbert Esters, a construction worker.

Zapoli said while the heat takes a toll on him personally, professionally it's a whole another story. The extreme heat means more money.

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