Hearing for boy locked in closet focuses on his well-being, mom's boyfriend

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - There is new information in the case of the little boy who investigators say was starved and kept in a closet in his father and stepmother's home. A hearing was held Thursday to discuss the 5-year-old's well-being.

Little Jordan Bleimeyer's lawyer says he is doing well, but his condition was only discussed briefly as Thursday's hearing was all about Jordan's mother's boyfriend and his drug use.

At the emergency hearing, Local 2 also learned Windy Hall, Jordan's biological mother, was paid $40,000 for her interview with Dr. Phil. That money and other donations being made to Jordan is still in the hands of the court.

But the hearing focused on Jordan's well-being and Hall's boyfriend's marijuana smoking.

"The whole goal here is to protect Jordan and make sure he is safe and that he is healthy, and anything I feel that may impede his safety, I am going to fight against," said Jordan's lawyer, Jared Woodfill.

Jordan's great aunt has custody of the child for the time being, but Windy visits with him often and those visits sometimes include her boyfriend, Derek.
So he's been undergoing regular drug tests.

"Based on the test results, the specific test results they can tell whether you have stopped or not, where you have slowed down use or whether you have stopped and it looks like he has stopped all marijuana use," said Hall's lawyer, Frank Mann.

But with suspicions that Derek may now be using K2, a synthetic marijuana, the judge ruled on the side of caution, meaning Derek is no longer able to have contact with Jordan until he can prove he has quit smoking all forms of marijuana.

All of the money in this case, including donations that have poured in and payment for the Dr. Phil interview, will all be discussed at a hearing on May 19.

When Hall asked for custody of Jordan back in March, she admitted to using marijuana herself. She has also been taking regular drug tests.

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