Health inspectors check restaurants at Rodeo

HOUSTON - Inspectors check out all places that serve food to make sure they're safe, including the pop-up eateries at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Health inspectors said hungry folks should go by more than just their nose when deciding what to order.

Health inspector Joe Raia said the rules are the same for established restaurants and temporary restaurants. He said the biggest violation at the Rodeo is usually off-temperature food. There have also been some cases of black build-up on soda nozzles.

"I look behind the counter (to see) if the area is clean," Sharon Denise Russ said. "I make sure the cook is washing their hands or wearing gloves."

"I look to see where the line is the longest," Nadine Johnson said. "That means it's probably the most popular place."

Popular doesn't equate to clean, though. Health inspectors advise customers to pay close attention to a server's hair and hands.

Health inspectors have not closed any restaurants at the Rodeo this year. They said they try to correct problems immediately so the restaurant can stay open.

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