HCSO: Man crashes ex's car in garage after chase

HOUSTON - Deputies are searching for a man accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend's home, taking her car and leading officers on a chase that ended with a crash into a garage in northwest Harris County.

Harris County deputies said they were called to the home on Elm Tree Estates Drive and Prairie Village around 9:30 p.m. Thursday after a woman's boyfriend refused to leave her house following a fight.

"She said he came in through the window and she saw him. And he was listening to her conversation through the window. He confronted her about what he heard," said Chelsy Williams, the woman's daughter.

When the victim called 911, the suspect took off in his ex's Jaguar, officials said, and led deputies on a chase.

"(A deputy) observed the suspect's vehicle leaving the scene, at which time he turned the vehicle around and pursued it," said Mark Harvey with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The chase lasted only a few minutes and ended when the suspect's car crashed into a garage of a nearby home.

"The suspect attempted to bail out of a car. He finally rolled out of the car, left the car rolling and it hit the garage of the house," said Harvey. "The suspect rolled out into the roadway and kept rolling and rolled under the front bumper of the deputy vehicle. He got out and ran away."

Tizok Alarcon was watching television with his mother and sister when they heard the crash and felt the house shake.

"He could have killed anybody. There are kids around here," Alarcon said. "We heard a big old crash. Didn't know if it was a gunshot or a car crash. I told everybody to get on the floor."

The crash damaged Alarcon's car and crushed some Christmas presents being stored in the garage.

Deputies said the woman gave them the suspect's name -- Billy Ray Walters. He has not yet been found, but he has been charged with evading arrest and burglary of a habitation.

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