Hastings High School student says stranger nearly abducted her

HOUSTON - A Hastings High School student said she was nearly abducted on her way home from school.

Nakrrah Murphy, 17, said she was a few yards from the bus stop on Woodfair near Lansdale when a tall, hooded man started walking towards her.

"I just had this thought of run -- run home," said Murphy.

Murphy said the man went straight for her.

"He started walking behind me and grabbed my jacket from behind. And I snatched away and ran home," said Murphy.

Murphy said what the stranger did next made her sick to her stomach.

"When I was running away, he said, 'I'm going to get you another day anyway,'" said Murphy.

When she made it home, Murphy said her mother, Kimberly Ware, immediately called 911.

"It scared me because it's kind of hard to think about your child almost abducted by a pedophile or whatever," said Ware.

Murphy said the police told her she did the smart thing by running home. Murphy said the man who tried to abduct her was driving a dark-colored Camaro.

Ware said she plans to walk her daughter to the bus stop every morning from now on.

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