Harris' Daughter Testifies: 'She Meant To Kill Him'

Trial To Last Another Week

HOUSTON - A 17-year-old daughter who witnessed her father being run over by her stepmother took the stand Wednesday to describe what she saw the night David Harris died.

Lindsey Harris was a passenger in the Mercedes-Benz on July 24 when Clara Harris, 44, ran over her husband.

Clara Harris is accused of intentionally and knowingly running over David Harris in the parking lot of the Hilton Nasa Clear Lake, Nasa Road 1, after finding him with another woman.

Lindsey Harris took the stand as the last witness for the prosecution.

Choking back tears, Lindsey Harris relived the night her father died.

She said that her stepmother was livid that David Harris was having an affair with Gail Bridges and was determined to catch him in the act.

"She could kill my father for what he's done and get away with it," Lindsey Harris testified. "She went straight for Gail, hitting her and ripping her shirt off."

Lindsey said that she and Clara Harris then got in the car and Clara Harris peeled out. A hotel employee tried to stop them.

"She went right through (a hotel employee) and straight for my dad. I was yelling, 'Stop, don't do that. Go the other way,'" Lindsey Harris testified.

"What did your dad do?" Prosecutor Mia Magness asked.

"He pushed Gail out of the way. When Clara went towards them. Clara said, 'I'm going to hit him.' (Dad) had his hands in front of the car. He yelled 'stop' and she didn't. I didn't know if she had run over him or if he had gotten away," Lindsey Harris answered. "She went over the median, circled around and ran over him again."

Magness then asked, "How do you know?"

"Because I heard the bump. I yelled, 'Stop, you're killing him.' I could tell when we were going over the big concrete curve and when we were going over my dad, it felt different,'" Lindsey Harris said. "She ran over him the first time, then two more times. A total of three times."

Lindsey Harris testified that she then got out of the car and began hitting Clara Harris, who ran over to her husband and repeatedly said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It was an accident."

The teenager testified that Clara Harris "knew what she did, was not sorry about it and meant to kill him."

In earlier testimony Wednesday, the victim's father, Gerald Harris, said he still goes to church with his daughter-in-law and talked with his granddaughter on the telephone about once a week until the murder trial began Jan. 21. Prosecutors asked the grandparents to refrain from contacting Lindsey Harris because she was feeling "pressured."

Gerald Harris and his wife, Mildred, have said they want to keep their family together and still love and support Clara Harris.

While on the stand, Gerald Harris looked toward the accused, who smiled at him.

The trial is expected to last one more week, with the defense presenting its case starting on Thursday.

Clara Harris has claimed her husband's death was an accident.

Defense attorneys have said she would have done anything to save her marriage and family.

Prosecutors say the defendant became enraged when her husband chose a woman he was having an affair with over her after a confrontation at the same hotel where David and Clara Harris were married on Valentine's Day a decade earlier.

If convicted, Clara Harris faces up to life in prison. If jurors determine she acted under the legal definition of sudden passion, they could consider a lighter sentence of two to 20 years in prison.

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