Harris County Sheriff's deputy suing 911 caller

In lawsuit, deputy says woman never warned about danger awaiting law enforcement at her home

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - The emergency call to the Harris County Sheriff's Office came in like any other 911 call. A frightened woman called for help saying there was an emergency at her home.

Camina Figueroa told 911 operators that her son-in-law, Kemal Yazar, was acting crazy after doing drugs, namely bath salts, for several days straight. She told them she needed an ambulance.

Along with the paramedics, Harris County Deputy Brady Pullen was also dispatched because Yazar was acting aggressively.

Pullen told his lawyer as soon as he went through the door that day, Yazar jumped on him and attacked him, breaking his nose, biting him and reaching for the deputy's service revolver.

In the process, Yazar was shot multiple times and was killed. In fact, officials said he was shot to death by Deputy Brady Pullen.

An official investigation is being conducted right now by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

But now, in one of the most unusual legal cases ever filed in Harris County, Pullen, the deputy, is suing Camina Figueroa, the woman who called 911 for help because in the lawsuit he said she failed to warn him or warn dispatchers about the danger awaiting law enforcement at her home.

In other words, the victim who called for help, failed to warn deputies that her son-in-law could be dangerous.

Criminal Attorney Brian Wice calls the lawsuit "a slap in the face to first responders everywhere."

"Look, police officers know everyday, everywhere they go, they could be in a dangerous situation, so this guy is going to try step out and collect money for taking that risk," said Wice.

Local 2 reached out to Deputy Brady Pullen and his attorney, Mark Long, but both said they cannot comment because of the ongoing Harris County Sheriff's Office investigation.

Deputy Pullen has sued Camina Figueroa for over $100,000 in damages.

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