Harris County Sheriff says rhetoric calling for killing of officers must stop

By Sofia Ojeda - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Harris County Sheriff Hickman sat down with Channel 2's Sofia Ojeda and answered questions about the aftermath of Deputy Darren Goforth's murder.

Hickman says the rhetoric out there calling for the killing of peace officers and other innocent people has to stop.

"One of the things I want to make very clear the things I'm talking about is that extreme rhetoric, while they may be splinter groups we need to make sure that we tone down that kind of rhetoric. When you literally call for the killing of people white people, law enforcement, whatever you are saying when you talk about that level of hate and just outrageousness, there ought to be consequences," Hickman said.

He says the risks have changed, and we need to find out why.

"When we walk into an altercation a traffic stop or domestic violence you accept a certain elevated level of risk but when you are walking back from the convenience store to your car that's not a time you figure you're going to be at risk, now just like any soldier on the battle field the rules have changed," Hickman said.

Officials will now look at the training of officers, and how they need to deal with a variety of situations.
"Maybe additional strategies or logisitics about how we refuel where we refuel, circumstances, timing
all those kinds of things and recognize that in Texas we'll be dealing with open carry very soon as well."

He called Deputy Goforth's widow an incredibly courageous woman, and shows concern for Goforth's young family.

"The daughter was enamored with her father he was her hero now he won't get to dance at her wedding, a 5-year-old son who will never get the opportunity to play with his father and watch him play little league," Hickman said.

And he applauds the community's overwhelming show of support.

"In the community where this happened you can see by the outpouring of support from the community in all segments of the community if you look at the makeup of the people who are marching, it is across the board, that is what's so out of character for this community," Hickman said.

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