Harris County K9 attacks child

Dog handler said child was warned several times

HOUSTON - A 5-year-old girl was attacked by a K-9 with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, her family said.

Most kids love playing with dogs, and Romi McCord was no different until the alleged attack.

"She will probably require plastic surgery," said Rick McGuirre, the family's attorney. "This dog should not have been in a family environment."

The attack, the McCord family said, happened on July 21 when Romi and her parents were in Crystal Beach on a weekend vacation with friends.

Connie Anderson, a friend of the family, is the K-9 handler and brought her police dog with her to the beach.

"There were two smaller dogs there. She got off the couch to pet the dogs. When she did, she slipped and fell. The dog attacked her," said McGuire.

Anderson's account of the events is different. Her statement at the hospital and to Galveston County Animal Services said: "Romi was told numerous times by me and her parents not to get close to the police dog. I thought she was kneeling down to pet Balu (dog) and before I could tell her not to get too close to him, Balu jumped up and began biting her."

The right side of Romi's face was severely damaged and her ear was ripped off.

The department acknowledged it is looking into the case but would not go into any detail.

The family's attorney said a lawsuit has been filed against Anderson and the owner of the beach home where everyone was staying.

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