Hard freeze warning in effect throughout Houston

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - With sub-freezing temperatures expected for an extended amount of time Monday night, homeowners and farmers are bracing for the worst.

Ian Allen works at the Southland Hardware shop on Westheimer and says insulating equipment has been selling quickly.

"It's been busy, been busy. Most people have been last minute, they hear there is a freeze and 'oh my gosh', that's the last thing on their list," Allen says.

Out in Alvin, Alfred Froberg of Froberg's Farm has been working around the clock to prepare.

He has 33 acres of strawberries, that's about 600,000 plants. He said a team of workers has rolled out large blankets to cover the plants in an effort to keep them from dying.

"The blankets are for the frost protection but we will also use it for freeze protection. It will hold the berries down to about 20 degrees, if it gets much lower than 20 degrees, we are going to start having damage," Froberg explained.

Meanwhile the Star Of Hope outreach in downtown Houston has been busy as well.

Workers have been driving around known homeless hangouts handing out blankets and jackets to those who may not have anything else to keep warm with.

There are about 9000 homeless people in the city of Houston, many of whom are in shelters tonight.

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