Hackers claim to target Waller County officials

By Anoushah Rasta - Anchor/Reporter

WALLER COUNTY, Texas - An online group that calls itself "Anonymous" claims to have broken into the computer system for the Waller County Sheriff's Office and obtained private staff information.

"Greetings world, we are Anonymous. We are preparing to release leaked files regarding Sandra Bland's case," said a voice on a YouTube video claimed to have been uploaded by Anonymous. "We will release the leak at 4 p.m. Eastern Time."

The group accuses Waller County employees of being involved in a cover up.

"Breaking News: Anonymous infiltrates Waller County Sheriff's Department servers, leaks everything," said the group on Twitter.

The tweet also included a link to a website with a list of county employee names, home addresses, telephone numbers and even names of family members.

"Waller County Sheriff's Department you should really keep a tighter security of your server data," wrote the group on the website.

But Waller County's Sheriff, R. Glenn Smith, who wouldn't talk to KPRC 2 on camera and spoke to us on the phone, said as far as they know, their computers have not been hacked.

In fact, Sheriff Smith claimed they do not have a computer database where they store personnel information.

Smith said most of the information Anonymous released is not even correct and can be found by doing a simple Google search.

The Waller County Sheriff's Office said they it is monitoring the group and has notified their employees about the hacking claims.

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