Gunman caught on camera in two robberies in two weeks

HOUSTON - Convenience store workers in north Houston are on alert after two employees were robbed at gunpoint in a span of two weeks.

Both incidents were caught on the stores' surveillance cameras. The videos have been turned over to the Houston Police Department.

The first incident happened at the Patton Corner Food Store located on Patton Street near the North Freeway. Ali Mohaamed says he was restocking bagged ice when a man with a gun came into the store. The gunman made his way to the cash register, where he stole hundreds of dollars and lottery tickets.

The second incident happened on Tuesday at a Chevron gas station on Cavalcade. A man went into the store, where he asked to buy a pack of cigarettes. After getting his change from the cashier, the man jumped the counter and forced the cashier to the floor at gunpoint.

The gunman grabbed money from the register and took the cashier's wallet before leaving the property with an accomplice.

The victims in both incidents have viewed the surveillance videos and believe the same gunman is responsible for both crimes.

"Oh my God, it's bad," said Mary Hernandez, who works as a cashier at the Chevron station. "The guy, my co-worker, is a good guy and works all the time. This happens a lot around here."

If you recognize the suspects from the video or have any information about the armed robberies, call Houston police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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