Gun sales increase after Colo. movie theater shooting

HOUSTON - Gun stores throughout the country, including in Houston, are reporting a spike in sales since last week.

Historically, gun sales tend to rise after widely-publicized incidents involving gun violence, like Friday's mass shooting in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater, when a gunman shot 70 people, killing 12 of them.

According to Aurora police, the alleged gunman, James Holmes, 24, used three legally-purchased guns in the attack.

"Here we go again," Shiloh Shooting Range General Manager Jeff Sanford said after learning of Friday's massacre. "One crazy putting a black eye on everybody else. It's unfortunate for the (gun) industry because now there's just going to be more gun control lobbyists."

With this renewed debate on gun control comes a frantic scramble to become armed. Not since the 2008 Presidential Election, Sanford said, has he seen a bigger jump in sales.

"What's spiked even more than gun sales is concealed handgun license sales and personal one on one lessons," Sanford said. "Right now, we're booked through the next three weeks."

The new customers seem to be heading to gun stores for a couple of different reasons.

"People are coming in and getting them out of fear," Sanford said.  "They are scared of crazy people and they're scared of losing their rights."

Despite the recent profits, Sanford said he doesn't care for the motive driving these sales.

"We'd rather have years of steady business of people freely owning their guns than a few months of just break-neck sales because of people buying out of fear," Sanford sales.

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