Gun range offers free CHL to teachers

KATY, Texas - The idea of arming teachers with guns in schools is a topic getting a lot of attention since the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. A Katy gun range is offering anyone affiliated with a school the chance to learn how to use a gun and get a concealed handgun license for free.

But, should teachers be allowed to carry guns in schools? The idea has gotten support from Gov. Rick Perry and second amendment supporters.

"You should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state," Perry said.

Gayle Fallon of the Houston Teachers Union has a different opinion.

"I think it's a horrible idea," Fallon said. "Arming police and putting them on campus is fine. They are trained to use a weapon. A lot of teachers wouldn't want to be armed. We have a lot that don't want to hold a gun in their hand. I think the last thing we need is to have more guns on campus."

Whichever side of the debate you're on, there's an uptick in teachers curious about what it would mean to carry a concealed firearm.

Jeremy Alcede runs Tactical Firearms in Katy.

"When you look at all the shootings that took place, they all happened in places where CHLs were not allowed," he said.

Alcede opened up his facility, including the range, the gunsmith and CHL classes free of charge to anyone who works with children in a school environment.

"The bad guys, they're chicken," said Alcede. "They're not going to go into a room with people full of guns, and it's been proven they go into places where CHLs are not allowed -- schools, movie theaters, college campuses, military bases."

Alcede said guns sales nearly quadrupled at his place last month and enrollment in CHL classes has almost doubled.

John Williams of Action Training runs the classes inside the tactical firearms building.

"I don't think every teacher should be allowed to carry a gun," said Williams. "Certain teachers, they should go through concealed handgun class plus some extra training with law enforcement or ISD police department. Some teachers shouldn't be allowed to carry guns. I think school districts should change the policy and let the teachers carry guns."

Williams just wants to see the option available.

"We want to give back to the community in a way we feel like we can do it right now. It's by giving free classes and free gun cleanings and stuff for teachers. If the school district should ever change the rules, then they'll be one step up on everybody else."

Given the sensitive nature of the topic, no teachers taking the CHL course wanted to talk to KPRC Local 2 on camera or participate in an interview.

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