Gulf Freeway exit ramp at McKinney in downtown Houston reopens

TxDOT: Repair to bridge was successful

HOUSTON - A Gulf Freeway exit ramp in downtown Houston has reopened following successful repairs to the bridge.

TxDOT closed the I-45 southbound exit to McKinney Thursday.

Officials said the closure came after a routine bridge inspection Thursday morning revealed that the bridge "sustained significant impact from an unreported collision."

"We will always take the necessary steps to assure public safety and closing the bridge until further inspections and repairs can be made is the most prudent course of action," Houston District Engineer Mike Alford explained in a written statement.

TxDOT said the damage to the bridge was likely the result of it being hit from below by an oversized trailer traveling on I-45 northbound within the last year.

TxDOT reopened the lanes Friday morning just before 6 a.m.

TxDOT officials said crews were successful in making the necessary repairs and the exit is back open to traffic.

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