Group protests at Harris County courthouse for shooting of Jordan Baker

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Protesters took to downtown Houston on Monday to protest outside the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.

They're upset by the grand jury decision not to indict an officer with the Houston Police Department in the killing an unarmed man.

The protesters marched 2.5 miles to get there from the Shape Community Center in southeast Houston to protest the grand jury's decision.

One of the organizers, Derrick Muhammad, told Local 2 they're protesting to show their concern and support for Baker's family. His mother was there as well.

They're asking the officer to be fired and that the U.S. Department of Justice intervene to investigate.

Mayor Annise Parker said today she believes the case is now being federally investigated.

"Usually when there's a community protest or uprising, we invite the Justice Department to come in," she said. "The answer the Justice Department gives, you do your investigation, we'll look at the quality of the investigation. If we don't think it's properly investigated, we'll come in and I understand that's what has happened in this case."

Parker defended the city's investigation of the incident. She says HPD is already following every best practice available and that officers will soon also be outfitted with body cameras.

Baker was shot and killed Jan. 16 after the officer said he stopped him at a northside shopping center to question him. Officer Castro said Baker ran from him, then struggled with him. Castro said he fired once when he thought Baker was pulling something from his waistband. However, it turned out that Baker was not armed.

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