Group announces American Coalition for Justice in Houston

Group stood at MacGregor Park, hopes to expand nationally

HOUSTON - Recent events surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin have renewed calls for change in the criminal justice system.

Now, one group has announced the creation of a new coalition to get things done.

The group stood at MacGregor Park on Saturday, announcing the creation of the American Coalition for Justice, a coalition of all races.

Dr. Kevin Simms, the executive director of the National African American Forum, said the coalition will create a national database of individuals, churches, community organizations, businesses, and educational institutions, all with the goal of changing what it believes is discrimination within the criminal justice system.

Simms said the goals include ending racial profiling and changing the jury selection process, just two of the flaws in the current system.

Simms said the Martin verdict led to what he calls grandstanding in the last couple of weeks but the coalition wants to spark actual change.

Organizers said the American Coalition for Justice will be filing paperwork with the Secretary of State on Monday and they hope to expand nationally. They're currently planning events for Houston and other Texas cities in the near future.

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