Greenspoint area apartment complex works to clean up crime

The apartment's property manager says he has added several armed guards and surveillance cameras to the complex

NORTH HOUSTON - Apartment complex owners in the Greenspoint area are working to clean up their complexes by keeping out criminals and serving them eviction notices.

The property manager at Biscayne Apartments on Imperial Valley Drive says he has added several armed guards to the complex, several surveillance cameras all around and a tripled layered bolting system to get into every unit.

The manager says all of those things have driven crime down.

Lashanda Linley, a resident of the apartments, says the was bad when she moved in, but has changed significantly recently.

"I've seen a lot of improvement as far as keeping the traffic down, unwanted visitors and keeping the crime rate down here," said Linley.

Steve Moore is one of the owners of the Biscayne Apartments, and a dozen more in the Greenspoint area, and since his purchase of the complex last fall, he has created a zero tolerance approach to allowing people to live there who cause problems.

"I've kicked out a bunch of residents, got the 24 controlled access. We used to have four gates, now we have one and nobody gets in unless they live here or unless they are an invited guest," Moore said.

According to HPD, crime in Greenspoint is down year to year.

Moore thinks his efforts have helped.

HPD says during the month of May this year in Greenspoint, there were 21 robberies, 22 aggravated assaults, 41 burglaries and 26 car thefts.

According to HPD, the murder rate in the Greenspoint area is down 16 percent year to year, with only five so far this year.

Jimmy Morrison, a resident, said, " No matter where you're at in the city you should be able to come home and be comfortable and feel comfortable where you're at."

Moore says he'll continue to work with HPD and other property managers to come up with more ideas to keep crime down.

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