Greater Houston Partnership releases 2014 job forecast numbers

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - While the rest of the country is slowly recovering from a recession, Houston's economy continues to boom.

Jobs in the oil field are what have propelled the Houston Metro area to where it is today.

Don King moved to Houston a year ago for a job in the oil industry.

" I moved down here from Seattle, things have been really good since I arrived. The housing market and the job, I've been really happy with the news," said King.

During a major announcement in downtown Houston, the Greater Houston Partnership released the 2014 job forecast numbers for the Metro, and the numbers aren't nearly as high as in years past.

However, the vice president of research, Patrick Jankowski, says this is a good thing.

"We are seeing a little bit of a slowing, but slowing isn't a bad thing. Don't think of slowing as a negative but what we are doing is approaching a normal level of growth or a sustainable level of growth," said Jankowski.

According to the partnership, in 2011 more than 81,000 jobs were created, in 2012 nearly 106,000 and this year we are on track for just under 80,000 and next year the number will drop again to 69,800.

"You're going to see a continued demand for oil and gas workers  but you'll see less of a demand for oil field service workers because it's the way we are looking for oil and the way we are producing the oil has become much more efficient," said Jankowski.

Although we will see a dip this coming year, everyone seems very confident about the future of Houston.

"The jobs are still going to be here, the demand for the workers is still here," Jankowski said.

Forecasters say you'll continue to see construction throughout the city because we can't build apartments in this area fast enough to accommodate all the people.

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