Grass fire burns close to homes

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - 40 firefighters worked to put out a grass fire in southwest Houston Wednesday evening.

The fire broke out in a field at the corner of Westpark Drive and South Rice near Houston's border with Bellaire.

Flames danced across the field as Houston and Bellaire firefighters faced gusty winds working against them.

"With grass fires you've got to be very carful you don't get in front of that flame front. It moves very quickly. The flame front can grow anywhere from six to eight feet, so firefighters have to attack it from the side," said Houston District Fire Chief Steve Cichon.

Witnesses said they heard two loud booms before they saw the flames. CenterPoint is investigating whether some nearby electrical lines may have sparked the fire.

It took the firefighters about 20 minutes and 700 feet of hose to put the fire out. Officials said they discovered a shed had burned.

No homes in the area were threatened, but there is an apartment complex across the street. 

Cichon said there were no issues with the water supply.

"We did have to lay a long line, but we were surrounded by hydrants and our engines, which are built for the street, had to four wheel it," said Cichon.

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