Grandparents to care for injured baby

HOUSTON - A court hearing was held Friday to determine who will care for a 4-month-old girl who was severely injured.

Layla Mae Oden was taken to Texas Children's Hospital on Feb. 28 by her mother. Layla suffered broken ribs and internal injuries, doctors said.

In court, Layla's father, 26-year-old Ryan Oden, denied hurting his daughter.

According to testimony, Layla's mother said he thinks the father caused the injuries.

Oden said he blacked out when his daughter was injured.

"I stayed up too long without sleep," he said.

KPRC Local 2's Phil Archer asked Oden if he hurt Layla.

"Not intentionally," Oden said.

"You think you did hurt her, though?" Archer asked.

"I ain't commenting no more," Oden responded.

"Ryan, if you didn't, who would have?" Archer asked.

"Nobody," Oden said.

Oden has not been charged in the case, which is under investigation by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Layla's paternal grandparents were awarded conservatorship. She has lived with them almost her entire life.

In court, both of Layla's parents admitted to have used drugs.

"We don't believe they can take care of themselves, much less a child," said Brent Tredway, Layla's grandfather. "We were trying to offer them assistance to get their lies on track, and just didn't work."

The Tredways said they cut off financial support in January because neither of Layla's parents were employed.

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