Good Samaritan returns stolen instrument

Viola is worth $10,000

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HOUSTON - A good Samaritan stepped in after a musician had her prized possession stolen from her.

Eva Sheie's viola was stolen from her car in December.

Lloyd Ernstes, who owns World Music in Missouri City, said he found Sheie's viola at a pawn shop. He said he bought it, not knowing it was stolen.

Ernstes' curiosity got the better of him and he soon tracked down the Sheie, who had been visiting Houston from Washington, D. C.

Ernstes returned the viola to Sheie.

"They arrested the guy who stole it," he said.

"Houston police found him and she sent me a reward, which I really appreciate," Ernstes said.

Ernstes said the instrument and the bows together are likely worth around $10,000.

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