Goat wanders around schoolyard

HOUSTON - A rouge goat made a rare appearance at a northeast Houston schoolyard early Tuesday morning.

"It was running and attacking. We were scared," said student Kaidin Dorsey.

The students said they had no idea what was happening at Fleming Middle School, 4910 Collingsworth, about 7:40 a.m.

"I got rammed in the leg. I seen my friends running they said, 'It's a goat,' and came at me," said student Kamel Thomas.

 The goat caused such a ruckus that a mom walking her twins to school down the street thought the yelling and screaming was the result of a schoolyard fight.

"I heard a bunch of kids hollering, thought they fighting, but, no, I seen the goat -- is that a goat or dog," said Karisha Hackett.

The goat was eventually caught and brought to the Harris County Sheriff's Office Livestock Division.

"Eighteen days, keep him here, advertise in the newspaper and after that it becomes the property of sheriff's department and we'll take him to auction," said Sgt. David Peterson.

If the owner comes forward, there's a $50 fine plus a little extra for feed costs.

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