Girl raped after leaving HISD school

HOUSTON - A Yates High School student was sexually assaulted on her way home from her school.

"Even if you're not a parent, its somebody's worst nightmare to hear that a young child got raped for no reason," said Michael LaFleur, a father.

LaFleur said the recent sexual assault in his neighborhood has put him on edge, especially since he has a freshman daughter that attends the same high school.

The Houston police department is following up leads to catch the rapist.

The sexual assault happened on Wednesday. According to investigators, after the last school bell rang, the teenager left campus to get on a METRO bus. HISD said the girl waited at the bus stop to take her route home. After she stepped off the bus, police said she was raped.

"That's horrible. Yes, that's very unfortunate. I mean its unfortunate for any female who's sexually assaulted but definitely for someone who is still in high school," law student Syvondia Bailey said.

Bailey passes Yates High School every day to go to her law school's library, and said she's always on alert.

"Try not to walk by yourself, especially on the METRO bus. That's very unsafe," Bailey said.

"I would tell my daughter to be familiar with her surroundings. To be aware of everything around her at all times and to be on the lookout for people watching her," LaFleur said.

Even though LaFleur said he will talk to his daughter, he said someone from the school should have informed him of the reported crime sooner.

A HISD spokesperson said "We notify parents whenever we think there's a threat to our students. All of the facts indicate that this reported sexual assault has nothing to do with her connection Jack Yates High School."

According to the district, it is not involved because the incident happened off campus and the student took a METRO bus home, not a school bus.

Investigators do not have a description of the rapist.

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