Getting 'Sochial' with selfies at Sochi Winter Olympics

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

SOCHI, Russia - If you follow your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you know people love taking selfies. And as Local 2's Rachel McNeill found, so do the athletes in Sochi.

They came, they saw, they clicked. Pictures are being snapped all over Sochi as athletes and fans make sure their Olympic memories are caught on camera.

From the famed rings to the flaming torch, everyone's posing for their perfect Olympic picture. You could call Sochi -- selfie heaven!  So many people are doing it, it's even become a bit like a competition.

Whether it's a self portrait or a pic snapped by someone else., fans are trying to outpose each other in hopes of standing out on social media.

Another symbol of the games are the three official mascots -- it's a good thing these guys aren't camera shy.

Folks are cuddling up to the Sochi hare, leopard and polar bear, all to provide more proof they're here to witness history.

And one girl has quite the souvenir -- a picture of herself with Russian President Vladimir Putin that she's likely already shared with all her friends.

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