Get Best Deals On Back-To-School Clothes

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Getting ready to go back to school means going shopping. New shoes, jeans, khakis ... kids need the whole works for the first day of school.

KPRC Local 2 consumer investigator Amy Davis is showing you how you can make money off the clothes your child no longer needs and save big getting them suited up for school, all in the same place.

As your child moves up a grade, he or she will also likely jump up a size or two.

"Kids grow out of stuff so fast, and you know we're all on a budget. This is the best way to get them some cute stuff and still stay on a budget," mom Lee Semmel said.

Semmel shops at Kid to Kid on Post Oak Boulevard in the Galleria area. Think of it as a Half-Price Books for kids' clothes.

"If you bring your items in and sell clothes that your children have outgrown, you can turn around and buy bigger sizes that your kids need for this year," owner Sherri Sakson said.

Unlike most consignment shops, Kid to Kid will pay you cash for clothes you no longer need. If you take store credit instead of cash, you earn 20 percent more to use in store.

"I come here probably two to three times a week," customer and mom Christine Le said. "It's always new stuff, and obviously my son is growing very quickly all the time."

Most people know Kid to Kid for baby clothes and gear, but the resale shop carries clothes all the way up to a kids size 14. They carry shoes from infant to size 2.

"Most of the items that we get in are very gently worn," explained Sakson.

She admitted there is a definite stigma that follows resale and consignment shops. It's one even budget-minded parents have to confront with their kids.

"I try not to let them get caught up in where I'm shopping," said Semmel.  "I want them to enjoy what they have and not get too caught up with labels and where it's coming from."

But maybe you've got a fashionista of a fourth-grader and name brands do matter. When we stopped by, we found a True Religion denim skirt that costs $60 new at Nordstrom. At Kid to Kid, it was $20.

"The things that come into our store are great brands, excellent quality and so, consequently, we're able to take only the best of the best," Sakson said.

While high-end brands will cost more, the average item in the store sells for about $6. That's a price that sits well with most parents.

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