Gas prices surge in past week

Problems across the country are leading to rising gas prices

HOUSTON - Drivers are wondering why gas prices have gone up so much so suddenly.

In the past week, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Houston has risen from $3.18 to $3.37. That's a 19-cent increase.

Experts said there are several factors causing the spike.

Sharon Epperson of CNBC Business News said, "We have refineries down in a number of locations, oil prices are rising and then we have a supply shortage in California, so inventories are being diverted from elsewhere in the country to help out with that."

Sarah Schwimmer of AAA Texas said a plant shutdown in the northeast is impacting our pump prices here in Texas.

"We're seeing that impact as resources are being pulled from our region of the country, which is impacting our prices here in Texas," she said. "In the spring time, it's not unusual to see prices go up week to week. There's no magic crystal ball or magic bullet to tell you how long it's going to last."

Patrick DeHaan of explained, "I think this is just a temporary blip that we see in prices -- 2013, at least in my book, still expected to be lower, at least for a yearly average, than what we saw in 2012."

The average vehicle has a 15-gallon tank. That means the average is driver is paying about $3 more every time they fill up their tank.

Cab driver Ahmed Mohamoud is hoping gas prices go back down soon. He drives all day long and said his gas costs have risen about $25 a day.

"Before I used to spend about $40 a day. Now I have to fill up about $60 or $65," Mohamoud explained.

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