Garage owner locked in trunk, robbed

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - The owner of a southeast Houston repair shop was robbed and locked in the trunk of a car by a group of men posing as potential customers, investigators said.

Houston police said four men drove into the parking lot of Jay and Are Garage on Mykawa and told the owner they were interested in purchasing a used car. Police said the owner then agreed to take two of the men for a test drive in the car.

Police said once in the car, the driver backed into the garage while his partner pulled out a gun and demanded that the owner hand over his wallet. Police said the owner told the men he didn't have any cash, but still handed over his wallet.

Police said the men then locked the owner in trunk before taking off. Police said the owner was able to push down a small portion of the back seat from inside the trunk and wave to an employee for help.

"I think it's a terrible thing," said Gregory Staten, who owns an appliance repair business next to the garage. "Very nice person, very kind, very giving person"

Staten said he knows the owner of the garage because he is the landlord for the entire strip center next to his garage.

"It makes me feel very sad because if it happened to him it could easily happen to me or someone else," said Staten.

Police said the garage owner escaped with only a cut on his forehead. Still, Staten said this is a warning to other business owners in the area.

"Well, we're going to have to get together and hire security. We're going to have be mindful of our shoppers and let our shoppers be aware of the things that are going on," said Staten.

All four men got away, but police said they have a good description of the bandits. Police said the owner of the garage recognized the men as previous customers of a small food store he also owns.

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