Galveston waits on TS Debby

Debby formed in Gulf Saturday

GALVESTON, Texas - People living in Galveston are watching Tropical Storm Debby.

Galveston Beach Patrol said the numbers on the beach on Saturday was more representative of a holiday weekend than just a normal Saturday.

However, officials said they expect those numbers to decrease if Tropical Storm Debby, which formed Saturday afternoon, begins to head towards the Houston area direction.

Green warning flags were replaced with yellow ones at 3 p.m. when the tide began to rise.

"We've got high tides working but not from the big storm. This is from the cluster of clouds from Louisiana which is blowing some water up higher so we're seeing tides about a foot and half above normal" said Beach Patrol Chief of Police Peter Davis.

Davis said Beach Patrol was working in close contact with the Emergency Operation Center as both tracked Debby.

"Worst case scenario is this thing will be pushed back to Mexico and stay in the Gulf longer and if that happens, we can get waves and higher tides," Davis said.

Galveston city officials said that scenario could bring 3 to 4 feet tides to the island, which would call for moving all equipment and personnel from the beach.

Galveston City Manager Michael Kovacs said residents who don't have an action plan ready need to take the tropical storm as a sign to kick preparations in high gear.

"We're hardening our water and waste water systems so that there is water and sewer, " said Kovacks. "Centerpoint has put in that extra infrastructure and got a lot of upgrades done so we'll have electricity faster."

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