Galveston Seawall parking complaints

GALVESTON - Paying to park along the Galveston Seawall is still causing a lot of confusion and frustration for many beach goers.

Some people are refusing to pay the $8 a day fee, while others say they don't mind paying as long as the money helps Galveston make improvements to the beach.

Visitors to the island have been given time to get used to paying to park on the seawall. However, Galveston's police chief said his officers will soon begin strictly enforcing the new parking rules and regulations. 

According to a report the chief gave to Galveston's mayor and city council on Thursday, more than 1,077 annual parking passes have been sold since the program began on July 27.

Chief Henry Perrotto said more than 7,500 hour of daily transactions have been made.

Galveston officials project the island will collect more than $1.5 million in fiscal year 2014. Much of that money will be used to upgrade amenities along the seawall, such as lighting and bathrooms.

The island is still facing a lawsuit over the parking charge that was filed by former city council candidate Gregory Roof. The lawsuit contends that paid seawall parking with have the effect of excluding those form parking to access the beach if they are financially unable to get a credit card, forgot their credit card or have reached their credit card limit.

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