Galveston ready for hurricane season

AccuWeather predicts 12 named storms

GALVESTON, Texas - Forecasters are predicting a relatively quiet hurricane season this year, and that is good news for many Galveston residents, many of whom are still recovering from Hurricane Ike.

When Ike slammed into Galveston, it caused millions of dollars in damage by destroying or damaging property and shattering lives.

AccuWeather released its forecast Thursday and the prediction calls for 12 named storms -- six hurricanes with two of them being major.

"Well, these predictions sometimes are right and sometimes there not," Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski said. "We take them all with a grain of salt. We're prepared as it's going to be a serious storm season."

Galveston's mayor said he and other key leaders have started holding monthly meetings to discuss and prepare for issues that could cripple the island if there is a major hurricane.

A meeting is also scheduled for the end of May to inform residents about the Island's hurricane plan, including evacuation routes and what to do during a power outage.

The mayor also said Galveston is better prepared to handle a hurricane, based on its experience during Hurricane Ike.

"Our infrastructure rebuild is better. We have redundant lines, new wastewater treatment plants, water lift stations and homes that are being elevated above the flood lines. We have thousands of homes that will never flood again."

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