Galveston County Precinct 7 constable loses gun

HOUSTON - A Galveston County constable who has already taken heat for sexual harassment and urinating in a public park is under fire again, accused of losing her gun and waiting to report it.

Precinct 7 Constable Pam Matranga served as the top female law enforcement official in Galveston, but a year full of controversy and a recent election loss has changed that. A source told Local 2 that Matranga lost her service weapon 18 days earlier and waited to report it to authorities.

According to Matranga, she misplaced her weapon and last saw it in another constable's car.

"I wasn't concerned because it was in a unit," said Matranga.

According to Matranga, she waited only three days to report it.

"I did exactly what I was supposed to do. We reported it with the police department and with the sheriff's department, said Matranga.

According to sheriff's investigators, Matranga called about a week after the weapon was lost.

"Seems to me if an officer lost his weapon, he should report in immediately," said one resident.

Earlier this year, Matranga was caught on camera urinating at a public park. She is also currently being sued for sexual harassment by a former deputy. According to Matranga, the heat she is taking is just a waste of time.

"They've accomplished everything they wanted to. I'm moving on. I wish they would too," said Matranga.

According to sheriff's investigators, Matranga's weapon has been logged as lost or stolen in a national database.

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